Tuition Management Software

Best Tuition Class Management software with affordable price. EIS tuition software manages student record, faculty record, attendance record, exam and results, fees record, salary record, report and performance analysis along with robust data security options.

Before making any buying decision of tuition class software please considered below points in mind:
1. It should not be a school software installed for tuition class management
2. Software must be online and supported on Web, Mobile and Tab devices - Access Anywhere
3. No good software product can be made in a month or sometime year. A best tuition software is made through long term analysis so that it can meet your all use-cases (requirements)
4. Software must be integrated means different feature like SMS, Email, Biomatrix and Student Records, Staff Management, Payment, Online Exam, Library and Store should be working under a single software. You should not required different software for SMS, different for Attendance
5. Last but not least, the tuition software must be Easy, Reliable and Secure

EISdigital (Easy Institute Software) is the excellent solution for tuition class management and meet the above criteria. Its trusted by 2000+ clients since 2009. Its a modern generation software, easy to learn and fully secure. Try it and upgrade yourself for next generation. Remember! Adoption of change is the key to success in tuition class business as well as in the life too. 

Quick Reasons To Buy

Feature Highlights
Please watch this small video clip for quick overview of the product. There are various new features like LMS, Live Classes, Assignments, Live Chat, Sell Video Courses etc are not covered in this video presentation. The quick list of all features are mentioned below.   You can also watch our another small video live-demonstration of EISdigital ERP.

Here is the list of all features: 
Benefits of Using Software and Apps For Institutes
  1. LMS enables new opportunities to teach through videos
  2. Your classes will be continue - even during CORONA-LOCKDOWN
  3. You can sale your videos-courses
  4. Tech-Enabled Learning increases your market reach
  5. The communication is easier and quicker
  6. Reduces your managerial burden, increases focus on teaching
  7. KPI and Reports for quick decision making
  8. Save money by reducing efforts and time
  9. Boost the business productivity
  10. Reduce mistakes generally happens in paper-work
  11. Its Go Green, Go Digital trends
  12. Increase customer engagement
  13. Enable Mobility in your business through Mobile and Tab generation
  14. Streamline workflow and process