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Coaching Institute ERP - Student Information System (SIS) and App
Institute Management - ERP
Live Classes / Live Streaming / Live Lecture App
Live Classes / Online
Online Exam and Assignment Software and App
Online Test & Assignment
Learning Management System - LMS - eLearning
LMS & Video Courses

Benefits of Using Software & App

  • Your classes will be continue - even during CORONA-LOCKDOWN
  • LMS enables new opportunities to teach through videos
  • You can sale your videos-courses
  • Tech-Enabled Learning increases your market reach
  • The communication is easier and quicker
  • Reduces your managerial burden, increases focus on teaching
  • KPI and Reports for quick decision making
  • Save money by reducing efforts and time
  • Boost the business productivity
  • Reduce mistakes generally happens in paper-work
  • Its Go Green, Go Digital trends
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Enable Mobility in your business through Mobile and Tab generation
  • Streamline workflow and process