Bio-Matrix, RFID, QR, OMR | EIS-Easy Institute Software

Bio-Matrix, RFID, QR, OMR

  • Bio-Matrix (Thumb Scanner) for attendance and record search
  • High speed Bio-Matrix scanner (less than 1 sec)
  • No limits for thumb-scanning using Bio-Matrix device
  • No profile limits for Bio-Matrix, can work as per your plan
  • RFID for attendance and record search
  • QR Code for profile, receipt, attendance and record search
  • OMR (Optical Mark Reading) result import supported for offline result entry
  • STQC certified Bio-Matrix scanner
  • ISO & ANSI fingerprint (thumb) template support (ANSI378 / ISO19794-2)
  • Lowest FAR and FRR NIST complied interoperable thumb-template format standards
  • Bio-Matrix supported for Window OS and Linus OS